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Free Practice 2 | Silverstone (04.10.19)

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Friday before the race weekend was one I will never forget with mixed emotions all day meeting new people at the start of the day and becoming a part of the Mazda mx5 family was a great experience with a bunch a great personalities around the paddock , getting introduced to my team mates was another great experience with all of them having unique backgrounds and different goals for their future you know some wanted to become professional racing drivers and some just did it for a good time so it was good to see the sport from different aspects and point of views from people

giving me an insight that you know Motorsport it’s a tough business but at the end of the day it can be enjoyable and a fun experience too.

The day went well with me being exposed to many cars on track for the first time but due to my previous racing in karting and on simulators the confidence was always there and I didn’t let that hold me back I suffered with technical issues through the day one I was experiencing on the Friday before as well were I was missing some part of sessions and just being plain slow in others which is difficult when you’re trying to maximise your time a n gain as much experience as you can neither the less a t the end of the day the nha motorsport guys knuckled down and managed to find the issue which turned out to be fuel surge where the fuel sloshes over to one side in the fuel tank causing it not to deliver properly it was only happening when I would turn left but yeah I was grateful and proud of them for fixing it at the last minute which meant we were set and ready for my first qualifying of the year in cars at Silverstone the following day.

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