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Hard work pays off, pushing the limit

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

The day at Silverstone ( Izone Performance) started off like any other day. Waking up early morning and travelling on the long journey to Northampton, as we arrived at the location and did our greetings I noticed something odd my name had been taken down from the top of the formula 2 leader board, due to a fellow driver thinking I was not using the correct set-up, as I was so fast, so I had to make another attempt.

I had mixed emotions was a little bit frustrated, and flustered but at the same time. this spurred me on and gave me an incentive to go even faster.

I did just that, topping three out of 4 of the leaderboards and increased my margin in the formula 2 by half a second. proud of my performance, hopefully I can keep finding new limits and pushing myself.

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