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Training at iZone

The training at Izone has always been the unique aspect of my training that’s improved me the most mentally , physically and as a driver as a whole the amount of work and dedication the team at Apsm and Izone put in the extracting the maximum out there drivers is second to none and I would recommend any budding racing driver who really wishes to get the best out of themselves with their performance on track and there life off track guiding them to manage themselves properly to come on board and work with them. They provide many different services teaching drivers to become entrepreneurs of themselves to gain sponsorship which is one of the most important things in motorsport, coaching to better yourself in front of the press and media, fitness training to make sure you are fit enough to perform on demand on track and finally the driving aspect where you will get coached by experts on the techniques and secrets the top tier racing drivers use to extract maximum performance out of themselves, and I am personally grateful to be as part of such a strong team and I am looking forward to improving myself working with them in the years to come.

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