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Race Day | Silverstone (06.10.19)

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

The races were split between two days Saturday and Sunday race one on Saturday was the first A race where I had a great battle which really tested my race craft in this race I was starting near the back of the grid and had a battle with the bottom 6 drivers through the race which I eventually came out on top of which I’m proud of myself for and the team were too it was a great learning curve for me having such close quarter racing in cars for the first time and it’s a moment I will never forget.

Race two I was relegated down to the B grid starting on the front row p2 which was a blessing in disguise I went into it with confidence knowing that I was quicker than the drivers behind me the plan was to break away with the first place man and we did just that breaking away from the pack behind an pulling away by 18 seconds it was a calm controlled race I knew I just had to get a top 3 to be relegated back to the A race so I preserved myself making sure I was consistent a made no mistakes this is where my training at Izone came into play keeping my head calm an tranquil is all thanks to them, this lead to me eventually bringing it home in a respectful p2 which was on sky 447 so it was great to get some good TV coverage watching yourself back is always a good feeling, I also got to go on the iconic Silverstone podium for the first time was interviewed by Jake Sanson and the Brscc Mazda media crew it was also a nice feeling to be stood the same podium as the likes of Lewis Hamilton and along the way picked up a nice piece of silverware to remember the day .

Race three was just a bonus for me in my head “I’ve had the perfect weekend so far let me just go out there and do my best” I was shocked to see myself climbing through the field as rapidly as I was I started 31st and was up to 27th by lap one I slowly progressed through the field where I eventually found myself in around P19 which I was really proud of the end of the race was nearing the end of the race and it was all looking good when suddenly as I started to turn left my car cut out again ever so slightly and I was just thinking “please not again come on just 6 more laps” but as the laps went by it got worst cutting out for a second then two then three I had to come up with a strategy to prevent my whole race going out the window so I came up with a plan it’s the left hander where I cut out when I put too much load on one side so what if I put less steering input in and just miss the apex of the corner but allow myself to carry more momentum than if I would have cut out this plan proved to work unfortunately I had lost a few places back to 23rd as missing an apex purposely is inevitably going to be slower but making up that many places in the a race for my first weekend is an achievement in itself and hopefully next year my cars going to be more than ready to race and we can only come back stronger looking forward to the next one back in action at Silverstone in march 2020 I can’t wait.

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